Summer has arrived at House for an Art Lover

An Elephant in Bellahouston Park, no you’ve not read that wrong. If you head down to House for an Art Lover late this Autumn you will see just that, an elephant for Glasgow. Ok, so it’s not a real live elephant but it does promise to be visually stunning.

In partnership with House for an Art Lover Kenny Hunter has created a life-size ‘Elephant’ cast from recycled parts of locomotives, which he sourced from India and South Africa. Here’s where it comes full circle, the original locomotives where original built in Glasgow, truly bringing meaning to the name an Elephant for Glasgow.

You will be able to take in the sculpture later this year on the same site as the famous 1938 British Empire Exhibition in Bellahouston Park.

While we don’t want to jump too far into the future we have to tell you about a special event happening this October, which we are currently taking bookings for and predict will fill up fast.

On the 25th of October 2015 we will be hosting ‘Home from Home with Charles Rennie Mackintosh’. This full day event will provide those attending with a completely unique opportunity, only granted to a few, an in depth exploration of Mackintosh’s greatest domestic works.

Throughout the day you will meet Graham Roxburgh the man behind the idea of House for an Art Lover, you will then tour the house. After you have taken in everything House for an Art Lover has to offer you will be taken by bus to the Hunterian where you will be granted a tour of Mackintosh House, and after that you will visit Mackintosh’s most astounding domestic creation, his Glasgow home, Hill House.

This full on day of exploration in to Mackintosh’s greatest domestic works is truly not to be missed. We will supply you with refreshments throughout the day, a dedicated tour guide, coach transfers and entry into each of the houses. Buy your tickets here today.

Back to now and its summer in Glasgow. The city has loads to offer those who find themselves with a bit more time to spare over the summer holidays. For those of you looking for a new challenge this summer we have lots of exciting art classes to suit all ages, abilities and interests.

You can spend your summer learning how to paint portraits and landscapes, how to draw in pastels or how to make abstract collages. If you have little ones to amuse while the schools are shut then you should check out our art classes for 5-15 year olds.

Whether the sun is breaking through the clouds or the rain is coming down with force we have loads going on at House for an Art Lover. We hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading,

Garry CEO