Colourful Expressions

Colourful Expressions

October  2020 - July 2021

 ‘Colourful Expressions’ is a group exhibition of some of the artists who have attended my landscape painting classes. Those who have kindly agreed to take part in this exhibition are from all walks of life and are at various points in their personal art journey, from those who have always had art and creativity in their lives to others where the making of art has often taken second-place to careers, raising families and other life challenges.

The work in this exhibition, demonstrates the tremendous skills and techniques learned. The playing with colour, line and tone, the experimentation with media and composition are all part of the fun and challenge of the classes and from my point of view, so rewarding to see learners blossom in their creativity. Not to mention the friendships that are made, the biscuits eaten, the laughs and sometimes the tears shared, for my part I wouldn’t have it any other way!

One of my jobs as a tutor, particularly for beginners is to allay any fears and encourage latent, inner creativity to resurface. That leap from complete beginner to producing marks on paper can come easily for some but for others can take time and that is fine, because we are only human, and we all grow in different ways. I hope that as a tutor, I have encouraged but also challenged new and more experienced learners to go beyond what they think they can achieve.

So, the tutor sometimes turns learner and I have invited two renowned, highly successful textile artists, Tansy Hargan and Jan Kilpatrick, to join me in this exhibition. Both have inspired me on my journey as an artist as I too continue to develop my skills in this exciting genre.

I don’t claim to be a wordsmith, I am after all better at conveying my thoughts through images, but I do hope that through my words, I have conveyed the sense of pride that I have in the work produced for this exhibition. There were so many others that could have been included and hope that this space may be extended to others in the future.

This body of work, I’m sure you’ll agree, is indeed, an exciting exhibition of ‘Colourful Expressions’.

May Byrne