Empire Exhibition - Walk with James Winnett

14 July 2019 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Join house guide James Winnett on an informative walk through Bellahouston Park, visiting the sites of the 1938 Exhibition. 

This was the last of the great exhibitions of Empire and was a spectacular showcase of the power and ingenuity of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, presenting a modern and united image of the British Empire to the world. Alternatively, when viewed in a local context, the Empire Exhibition was a beacon of light and hope in an otherwise dark and grimy city. The interwar years in Glasgow, and Govan in particular, had been marred by economic depression. The once prosperous shipyards saw fewer contracts; and strikes meant that work often ground to a halt. The 1938 Exhibition presented new opportunities; it sent a message that Scotland was modernising and cutting edge – it gave Glaswegians a view into a brighter future. 

The event will start from the area outside the Art Lover's Shop.

Event Details

Price: £2.50

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