Intervention: Brief Encounters

Moonjung Hwang (Seoul, Korea) is presenting her first solo show at the Art Park Studio Pavilion to mark the end of her three month AiRborne artists' residency at House for an Art Lover which started in January 2015.

Moonjung makes installations, sculpture, photographs and drawings. She recently graduated from M.litt sculpture at Glasgow School of Art and has since exhibited her work in Europe and Korea.

Intervention: Brief Encounters navigates Bellahouston park, exploring the relationships between humans, animals and the environment whilst making various experimental installations.

As a way of implementing and assembling new technologies in to daily life, Moonjung Hwang's site specific installations were placed amongst Bellahouston park and relied on the public's participation. The combination of the functional and non-functional structures created a playful dialogue between the public and the installations, whilst perhaps making people question who the machine is intended to be used by. For the exhibition, the site specific works will be displaced from their original context and displayed inside the gallery, creating new purposes to the work.

You are cordially invited to attend the Private View on Friday 17 April from 7.00 to 9.00pm

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