Surface Morphologies: Alistair Payne & Stuart MacKenzie

Exhibition: 19 August – 24 September 2017
Studio Pavilion, ART PARK at House for an Art Lover
Open Daily 11am - 4pm

It is through discussion, dialogue and at times intense debate that the ideas behind this exhibition have been drawn together. Both artists are interested in painting’s alchemical qualities and share a fascination with notions linked to form, hybridity, metamorphosis and transformation. This exhibition presents new paintings by both artists, which coalesces thinking and discussions held over the last five years that have been focused around the medium of painting.

The space of emergence within painting dominates both Payne and MacKenzie’s thoughts and the eruption of form through the surface is a shared concern that offers different routes through painting that are absolutely aligned to its material complexities. The surface as threshold for emergence and morphological form encapsulates the aims of both artists and, as Henry Rogers suggests, in the exhibition catalogue; “Thresholds, one might say, are seductive for they are promisory sites of anticipation. But for these two artists if one thing is certain it is that thresholds annunciate space as much as they annunciate surface: the space-surface and the surface-space are in radically different ways their focus of attention”. The forms that are present within the paintings, whether abstract or figurative, create the tension of the surface and offer the commonalities of thought shared by the two artists.