The Seldoms with Fraser Taylor: Toolbox

Exhibition: 18 July – 28 July, 1-5pm
Studio Pavilion, ART PARK at House for an Art Lover
Closing Reception: 28 July, Friday 6pm-8pm
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TOOLBOX is an exchange dedicated to process and invention. Initiated by Chicago choreographer/artistic director Carrie Hanson and dance company, The Seldoms, with Glasgow artist Fraser Taylor, TOOLBOX begins as a cross-disciplinary dialogue to translate visual art tactics to choreographic tactics, and vice versa, and aims to invigorate ways of making. The artists will share creative work, interpret methods and values of their respective disciplines, and articulate and explore new tactics. With Chicago artist Doug Stapleton, and Glasgow artists Frances Lightbound, Inês Coelho and Callum Rice.

Photo credit: A. Deran Photography