Southside Salon: Southside Fringe Exhibition

Exhibition Opening Friday 5:30-7:30pm, 12/05/17
Studio Pavilion, ART PARK at House for an Art Lover

The exhibition will be open 13/05/17 for Art on the Park, the Southside Fringe Festival Launch in ART PARK House for an Art Lover
As well as the Art Market

Exhibition open daily 11am-4pm, Sunday 14/05/17 – Saturday 27/05/17


As part of Southside Fringe Festival 2017, the Southside Salon exhibition celebrates the variety of work created by local artists who live or create their work on the Southside of Glasgow.

The exhibition includes work by:
Alex Allan
Alison McBride
Beth Shapeero
Caitlin Foy
Chris Friel
Coll Hamilton
Danny Fitzpatrick
David McDiarmid
Erin Donnelly
iona Tong
Gabriele Jogelaite
Gregory Moore
Iona Grey
Jade Taylor
Jennifer Argo
John Fitzpatrick
Kate McAllan
Katherine Ka Yi Liu
Lucy Gordon
Martyn Mckenzie
Richard Martin
Rosie Dahlstrom
Sara Alonso Martínez
Sarah Murray
Sarah Wilson
Susanne Lund Pangrazio
Vijay Paul (Dotsan)
Will Jenkinson

Event image: Painting by Will Jenkinson, 'Projection'