Exhibition open Wednesday to Sunday 11am - 4pm

This exhibition features portraits of members of the armed forces by the artist Tom McKendrick DA RSW RGI.

As part of an ambitious 3 year project to create 100 portraits of people who have served their country, McKendrick has turned his incisive eye to the human condition in the context of conflict, aiming to develop a unique collection of images of individuals supported by their personal reflections and experiences of the conflicts in which they were involved.

SOLDIERS is presented as a ‘snapshot’ of the project which will serve as an important archive for future historians and an artistic record of the individuals who form our armed forces, as well as the conflicts in which they were involved.

SOLDIERS will be open to the public from Wednesday 5 November to Sunday 21 December between 11am and 4pm daily in the ART PARK Studio Pavilion, adjacent to House for an Art Lover.