Glasgow International 2016

08 April 2016 - 25 April 2016

For Glasgow International 2016, House for an Art Lover will host four exhibitions in ART PARK Glasgow featuring work by Corin Sorwn, Alec Farmer, Gabriella Boyd, Marco Giordano, Rallou Panagiotou, Scott Brotherton and Ric Warren.

Our opening event will take place on Sunday 10th April from 12pm – 3pm.
During Glasgow International, ART PARK will be open 10am – 5pm 7 days per week.

LOCATION: The Bothy at the Walled Garden
Curated by Katy West

Bothy Stores, an online annex of The Bothy Project, presents two projects by Sworn and design label Trakke investigating Glasgow as an industrial town in the context of its history, legacy and culture. This focuses on its legacy of shipbuilders and merchant classes – traders in chemicals, tobacco and cotton – as well as the culture, style and people in today’s city.
Sworn and Alec Farmer of Trakke use research into the conduits of trade, the marks these have left on the city, or absences now embedded within it, to open out the city’s possibilities, actualities and hauntings.
They consider the origins of raw materials, where they go and what they become, and look at the fragments of buildings that still act as way markers, either for directions in the present or to a city no longer here. Their narrative evokes these shifts making work that is at once demonstrative, descriptive and questioning of Glasgow’s industrial legacy.

Supported by Glasgow International and Outset Scotland.

Curated by Jeremy Parker, Marta Perovic and Morven Rodger

Boyd and Giordano borrow from the everyday, employing objects, gestures and forms that are at once familiar, but obscured. Boyd’s paintings are intimate compositions, populated by depersonalised figures, seemingly unaware or concerned by the viewer’s presence. She collects found objects to serve as props in her staged domestic environments, where Giordano draws from the realms of popular culture and ephemera. He applies these references both conceptually and materially across a varied practice spanning sculpture, painting and installation.
Showing together for the first time, the artists are presenting new and site-specific work for the festival.

Supported by Glasgow International, Hope Scott Trust and House For An Art Lover.

LOCATION: ART PARK – Studio Pavilion

In collaboration with Greek artists from the fields of music, dance, literary theory and fashion design, Rallou Panagiotou presents an exhibition in three acts – a filmic essay, a sculptural environment and a series of choreographed performances. All elements are strongly informed by each other and bound together to create a continuous setting of temporal and formal connections.
Proto Copies anatomises a former Greek resort now lying derelict, exploring historical/cultural mechanisms through which Greece absorbed pop cultural trends in the era before the full impact of globalisation and de-industrialisation.
It is an excavation of the ways in which global style trends circulated via copy commodities – boot-legged brands characterised by slips of language and meaning. This materialism and its role in transmitting an awareness of modernism and desire, are rendered as prototypes.
Material elements are presented as artefacts of an idiosyncratic archaeology and parts of a valuable collection.

Supported by Glasgow International and House For An Art Lover.


Brotherton and Warren create artworks that are influenced by the materials, forms and experiences of their urban surroundings, distilled through minimalist artistic sensibilities.
With an emphasis on material process, Brotherton uses commonplace materials and metals associated with trade and labour to explore and exploit their sculptural qualities. Informed by an interest in post-modern urban social theory, Warren’s artworks consider the political associations of our manmade surroundings.
Initiated by a short collaborative residency at The Bothy Project in the remote woodlands of the Cairngorms National Park, the exhibition presents an installation of new architecturally responsive sculptural works that reflect on the urban environment from the vantage point of the rural landscape, exploring material, spatial and political tensions.

Supported by Glasgow International, Glasgow Life, The Bothy Project and House For An Art Lover.

Saturday 16th April 2016
Location: ART PARK

Sithole is a Zimbabwean writer, poet, musician and performer. Jorgensen is a Danish installation artist and collaborator. Both are currently artists in residence with Glasgow Refugee, Asylum and Migration Network.
This is a nomadic installation that moves through the streets of Glasgow by foot. Visiting local organisations that each in their way address what it means to be rooted or rootless, the show functions as an impromptu platform for discussion, guest performances and ad hoc workshops about geographical displacement.
Alluding to the aesthetics of forced and voluntary journey, languages of poetry conflate with the terminology of travel and music of being adrift with that of being on hold.
See web address below for the times of events at each venue.
Bitter-Rose is presented by Invisible Knowledges – Glasgow Refugee Asylum and Migration Network and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.

Supported by Glasgow University Principal’s special funds allocated via GRAMNet, and Platform.

During Glasgow International ART PARK’s artist in residence, Carolyn alexander, will be exhibiting work in the Pod Room in the Sheds. Find more information about her work here: