Solution for Strength, Stability and Prosperity

Solution for Strength, Stability and Prosperity

Project Space
ART PARK, House for An Art Lover

Preview: Saturday 10th June, 4-6pm
Exhibition: Sunday 11th - Sunday 25th June, 11-4pm

In light of an observed series of complex and interwoven global malfunctions, JARSDELL SOLUTIONS LTD is pleased to publicly launch its Solution for Strength, Stability and Prosperity. Unveiled in the wake of the 2017 General Election, this solution explores an alternative source of logic (augury) as a framework for societal and political decision-making. Explanatory notes will be provided in the form of a text by client/curator Nikki Kane; evaluative feedback will be sought during a scheduled event.

JARSDELL SOLUTIONS LTD was established in 2016 to provide tailor-made solutions to clients and audiences in a variety of contexts. JARSDELL SOLUTIONS LTD engages in consultation processes to identify the specific needs of the context, before devising appropriate solutions which satisfy all stakeholders. 

Please e-mail for more information.

This project is part of the Curator in Residence progamme at ART PARK Glasgow, funded by Creative Scotland.