PREVIOUS PROJECTS - Siobhan Healy - Glas(s)gow Style: an interpretation in Glass & Swarovski Crystal


As part of the Mackintosh Festival, House for an Art Lover will host a residency and exhibition by Glass Artist, Siobhan Healy.

In support of her exhibition, Siobhan will deliver two workshops:

Stained Glass Taster Day (click here to book)
Sculptural Glass (click here to book)

Siobhan will also discuss her practice as part of an artist’s talk. More information about the artists talk will be posted soon.

Siobhan Healy has partnered with international brand Swarovski to develop innovative and contemporary sculptural work in Glass and Swarovski crystal inspired by Mackintosh and the ‘Glasgow style’- circa 1850-1915. The original Glasgow style made distinctive contributions to the international Arts & Crafts movement and also the Art Nouveau movement, characterised by intricate linear designs and flowing curves. Siobhan Healy’s residency during the Mackintosh Festival in October 2016 will allow in-depth research into the inspiration behind the Glasgow style in regards to scientific progress which will inspire the 2017-2018 collections. Whilst in residence, Siobhan Healy will offer an exclusive commissioning service where clients can commission a unique artwork; made from Glass, Swarovski Crystal and precious metals, all handcrafted by the artist.

Anita Manning, (TV expert on collectables and antiques) states: “As an auctioneer I have the privilege of handling wonderful objects on a daily basis. These objects from the past; because of their craftsmanship, artistry and social history are a continual interest to me. I especially love glass and Scotland has always produced outstanding Works of Art using this medium. The works produced by our young Scottish artists are very much in the traditions of that skill and they form part of my own personal collection. One of my favourite pieces is a large glass charger [table centerpiece] by Siobhan Healy. Siobhan's work is very much involved with light and form and there is a particular point in the day when the light meets this object and it glows…and never fails to give me joy.”