I am the Architect, This is not Happening, This is Unacceptable: GI 2012

Henry Coombes’ work explores issues of class, heredity, breeding, and the cult of family that underlie them. Film, oil paint and watercolour are used to produce apparently familiar and comfortable imagery, which on closer inspection reveals itself to be of a darker and more subversive nature.

Coombes was born in London in 1977, graduated in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art in 2002 and is now based in Glasgow. Coombes has created several notable short films including Laddy and The Lady, 2006 and the critically aclaimed The Bedfords, 2009. Coombes has also represented Scotland at the'The 52nd Venice Biennale' in 2007.

I am the Architect... is a new Film work by Henry Coombes, commissioned by and realised as part of a Research and Production residency at House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park. The film is a direct response to research generated by the rich social and historical contexts of the Park, the work explores and plays with ideas of fraught relationships, hierarchies and rules, set within the shifting parameters of invented and re-invented worlds.

Further details of Coombes' I am the Architect... GI 2012 project can be accessed here