First Season: 1999

This was an invited competition for commissioned sculptures leading to an exhibition in the grounds of House for an Art Lover in the summer of 1999.

Paisley Date Palms – Peter Bevan

Drawings and sculptures developed using the flower bud as a focus for contemplation and sign of renewal and as an incredible resource of sculptural forms.

“This seems a fitting subject for the grounds of Bellahouston Park, housing one of the city’s horticultural centres and walled garden.”

To achieve the densely patterned ‘Paisley-like’ surface, Peter collected examples of contemporary crocheted-lace which were pressed into soft clay forms prior to kiln-firing.

Ghost – Doug Cocker

A vertical, hard, contemporary image contrasting with the history-laden mass of the building.

The Doocot – Paul Cosgrove

This tower sculpture takes reference from the 1938 Empire Exhibition’s Tait’s Tower and the 1999 year of Architecture and Design.

“the sitting of the Tower within the treetops is intended to continually mask the view of the top of the work…….Once again, culture appears obscured by nature and nature continues to reveal culture.”

Marion Smith

The work makes direct reference to the turned sandstone columns prominent of the House.

“The decision to gild the interior of the column is an acknowledgement of Mackintosh’s fascination with duality. Interior and exterior, positive and negative, light and dark.”

Aeneas Wilder

“My proposal was to try and transplant back into the natural environment of the House grounds a very natural material. The use of many short lengths of wood not only refers to many tree trunks but also allows the viewer to see both form and the landscape…”