Elinor Stanley and Siobhan Healy

HAL20 Graduate Residency


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of House for an Art Lover we have funded an additional residency for recent graduate, Elinor Stanley.

During the month of October Elinor will regularly update her blog showing work in progress. You can view her blog here.

"In our modern, globalised world, which both forces and enables the migration of people and the scattering of communities, people are driven from home to home. The concept of the perfect home is based on ideals that are hard to achieve; from financial security to familial and societal peace, so much so that there is something impossible about the concept of home.
Through the lens of this residency’s setting I intend to make a series of paintings and sculptural objects that explore the real and unreal intimacy and domesticity found within Bellahousten Park. Set up as an ideal home and surrounded by beautiful gardens, available for wedding hire (that public celebration of future domestic harmony), House for an Art Lover projects a sense of intimacy and domestic solidity. However it is in fact nobody’s home and never has been. The imaginary element to the building is furthered by the fact that the house was built years after Mackintosh’s death from incomplete plans. Its lack of reality is betrayed by the fact there are no bedrooms or bathrooms in the house, but there are entrance halls and show rooms. Through painting I plan to work with the notion of the architecture of intimacy. Responding to the light and dark in the building and the formal gardens - I want to make paintings that reflect these confusions of mental and spatial interiors and exteriors.
As time progresses the works I create will take temporary residence in the house. Paintings will lie across the dining table, canvasses will flop over chairs and stair ways. Temporary ceramic installations will be created in the dark polished corners and large paintings will lean in the brightness of the oval room. These works will have brief periods of display, to be gathered away in time for a wedding hire or event, only to reappear in a different part of the house, animating and inhabiting the formal rooms."
Elinor Stanley 2016 


Siobhan Healy

During October glass artist, Siobhan Healy, will be in residence in the Project Space. You can find out more about her project and related activities here