Cosmology of III: Suzanne Dery

December 2013 - April 2014

CoSuzanne Déry was born and educated in Montréal, Canada, graduating with a distinction in Fine Art from Concordia University in 1997. Suzanne works in the fields of installation, sculpture, printmaking and video and her work is held in a number of private and public collections in Québec, Ontario, France and the UK; she has been selected for international artist residencies and exhibitions in Ottawa, Ontario; Madrid, Spain; Graz, Austria and Paris, France.
Suzanne Déry closely observes the transient happenings of the world around her. For her, the world is not real unless it is somehow recorded. Framing ephemeral and fleeting experiences, image and form undergo an archiving process. Each piece is suggestive of a transcendental becoming – evidencing production and the representation of an intention with an outcome that stays earnest to human limitation.
Suzanne developed a body of work entitled The Cosmology of Three, based on the immersive processof spending considerable time in the natural environment of the park, where she responded to the place: its history – location – architecture – nature – design and motifs – linked to herself as a witness, intertwined.  The order, placement and punctuation between imagery and objects is integral – and in this instance, it will represent a visual conversation between the space, a threefold connection to the cosmos, symbolism and time – and the viewer.
This project not only stimulated a high level of audience interest and engagement – but further contributed to GI’s profile as a major international platform for the presentation of new contemporary art outwith established venues. The Cosmology of Three provided a wealth of interconnected links to astronomy, science, and nature that enabled the artist to engage with diverse new audiences in an off centre, off site location.