Moonjung Hwang

Moonjung Hwang

AiRborne Residency: January – April 2015

Moonjung Hwang is a South Korean artist who graduated from the M.Litt Sculpture programme at Glasgow School of Art. She is primarily interested in exploring spatial expression and its narrative in her imagination, combining her own original creations with 'found' objects to develop work that has a new story, image and function in relation to the context in which it is produced. Her work has a strong connection with architecture and surroundings. It starts from a child-like imagination which reminds people of their land, lives and memories.

Moonjung aims to spend her 3 month AiRborne residency, researching and developing ideas for sculptural works with fictional architectures for a range of living organisms to interact with in the park. Combining reality with daydreams she will use the traditional building materials of wood, cement, and bricks as well as special objects like neon light. The work may well have a practical function in specific locations of the park to attract living creatures.

The artist proposes to develop a monumental sculpture or a living book about life in Bellahouston park of which she is the editor, for exhibition in the ART PARK Studio Pavilion, from Friday 17 April to Thursday 30 April 2015.

For further details on Moonjung's AiRborne project please click on this link to her blog - which features her research and images of her work.