Shed Summer Residencies

We are delighted to announce the artists participating in the Shed Summer Residencies at the Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover. Throughout June - September a number of artists will be utilising the shed spaces here to experiment and create new work.

For the month of August we will have Alys Owen & Michella Perrera creating a botanic wonderland in order to explore the connection between humans and plants; Angus Wolf will be working on a series of woodblock prints relating to Oliver Byrne’s 19th century interpretation of the Elements of Euclid; Martha Orbach will be working in a mixture of drawing, animation and printmaking; Nathan Cook will be exploring his performance practice; and Kat Garbutt will be producing a collection of Noren (Japanese hanging curtains) inspired by the Victorian walled garden.

We will be hosting two public events in July and October when the artists will have the opportunity to present to the public what they’ve been working on.

If you're in the area and fancy a chat, you can find our residents in the following locations within the park:

Alys Owen & Michella Perrera                       Project Space 1

Angus Wolf                                                     Studio 2

Kat Garbutt & Nathan Cook                           Workshop 3

James Winnett                                               Shed 4

Martha Orbach                                               Pod Room

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