History of the House

...it exhibits an absolutely original character, unlike anything else known..." Hermann Muthesius, Critic 1901

House Black and White

In 1901 Charles Rennie Mackintosh, now Glasgow’s most famous architect, entered a German-based competition to design a ‘Grand Residence for an Art Lover’.  The rules stated that ‘only genuinely original modern designs will be considered’. It went on to make the somewhat unusual proposition that ‘it is permissible and even desirable that an Architect and a Decorative Artist of modern tastes develop and submit the design jointly’. Mackintosh worked on the submission with his new wife, Margaret Macdonald. Read More...

Creating the House

portfolio exteriorHAL exterior

The Mackintosh competition entry has been admired by academics and architects alike over the last century. But, it was in 1987 that Glasgow civil engineer Graham Roxburgh conceived and developed the idea of building the House for an Art Lover, from the competition drawings, on a site he had identified in Bellahouston Park Glasgow. Read More...


Making Mackintosh's concept a reality has provided a challenge and learning process for the many contemporary designers, artists, builders and craftspersons who have contributed to the project.  As a result, House for an Art Lover represents a unique amalgam of historic and contemporary design and craft work.

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