Recipe Ideas

Lightly cured sea trout with pickled cucumber

Serves 4

Cafe Terrace


50g sea salt

100g castor sugar

Bunch of dill, roughly chopped

1kg of sea trout (skin on)

2 cucumbers/ sea salt

1 tbsp castor sugar

1 tbsp white wine vinegar

3 tbsp Dijon mustard

5 tbsp groundnut oil

1 tbsp chopped dill



Two days ahead of serving, rub the salt, sugar and roughly chopped dill together, press this marinade into the sea trout all over. Wrap fish in a parcel of foil and place on a tray with a weight on top. Put try and fridge and chill for 24 hours. Turn the parcel over and chill for a further 24 hours.

Early on the day of serving, peel cucumbers, cut them in half length ways and remove all seeds. Slice the cucumber diagonally across and not too thinly. Tip slices into a colander, dredge liberally with sea salt and leave to drain for 2-3 hours. Rinse cucumber very well, then drain thoroughly, squeeze into a cloth until very dry.

Stir the sugar into vinegar to dissolve, add mustard then whisk in the oil a spoonful at a time, use to dress the cucumber along with the chopped dill.

To serve, unwrap the fish and scrape away the dill, salt and sugar mixture on the surface, cut thin slices from the trout and lay them on plates. Add a heaped spoonful of the cucumber salad on the side.