Collage, Mixed Media & Print

9 January 2018 6:00 pm - 27 March 2018 8:00 pm

Collage, sketching, mark-making, painting, printing, covering up, revealing, tracing, copying, repeating, erasing… this course takes a dynamic cut-and-paste approach to image-making!

In this class you will explore the dynamics of image making through the combination and juxtaposition of drawing, painting, printing, textures, and shapes. The use of found and appropriated images from a wide variety of sources such as magazines, family photographs and beyond will also inform your work. You will learn about the importance of the relationship between image and materials and will explore the process of abstracting images from source material. During this course you will aim to investigate and develop personal themes through this approach to image-making.

This class is suitable for beginners or more advanced students.

Sharon Thomas is a practicing painter based in Glasgow, lecturing at Glasgow School of Art, represented by Teverina Arts in Italy. Trained in Glasgow School of Art (MFA 2004), recent exhibitions include: Vokse-Vaerk, Museet For Religios Kunst, Denmark (2015); 21 Revolutions, CCA, Glasgow and Royal Scottish Academy (2011-13); Herstory Portrait, Paisley Museum (2012). 

Tutor: Sharon Thomas
Date: Tuesday 9 January – 27 March 2018
Times: 6.00 - 8.00pm
Price: £120
Location: Studio 2


Class Details

Age Group: Adults (16+)
Term Length: 12 weeks
Price: £120
Included: All materials & equipment

Additional Needs