Artists in Residence

AiRborne - Morwenna Kearsley, January  - April 2017

ARTincubator - Jordan Munro and Winnie Herbstein
March – October 2017

Morwenna Kearsley

Morwenna Kearsley is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice considers the physical and psychological issues around performance and voice through photography, moving image, sound and text. She specialised in photography during her undergraduate degree with a focus on darkroom printing and alternative processes, which influenced most of her early professional work. A growing interest in creative writing and script writing, combined with her photographic skills led to a shift in working with moving image and video installation. In 2013, she was awarded a Leverhulme Scholarship for Fine Art in order to complete the Master of Fine Art course at The Glasgow School of Art, graduating in 2015. International residencies include 2012 AiR Artist in Residence at Fondazione Fotografia in Modena, Italy and 2013 Vis-à-Vis Artist in Residence with Limiti Inchuisi gallery in Oratino, Italy.

During her residency at House for an Art Lover, she will produce a video piece that hopes to unearth the house’s potential as a unique cinematic character; considering its potential voice and its relationship to the idea of hauntology as presented by Mark Fisher. Taking as inspiration the films of Yasujiro Ozu (1903-1963), The Shining by Stanley Kubrick (1980) and Nostalgia by Hollis Frampton (1971), she is interested in the house as a site of an imagined space (by Macintosh and MacDonald) and its anachronistic transformation into solid form. 


Jordan Munro


Jordan graduated from the Sculpture department at Edinburgh College of Art in 2015. Working across various forms including object fabrication, installation and video, his works focuses on materiality, questioning notions of cultural value, relevance and currency within contemporary culture.

Adopting or appropriating the aesthetics and processes from manufactured (mass) production into the creation of often minimal or singular or gestural works, he seeks to understand or interpret the histories of various objects, inviting discussion into their state of manipulated historical significance - allowing viewers to question the way images are broadcast and circulated, and the way they might be understood within contexts such as an archive, museum, or culturally significant space.

This opportunity has been supported by Creative Scotland's Open Fund.


Winnie Herbstein


Winnie is a graduate from the Environmental Art programme at the Glasgow School of Art.

Working across a range of media including video, text, performance, sculpture and installation, she seeks to investigate the silences and gaps in our ‘official’ narratives. 

Solo shows include Before I could speak, X spoke at Outpost Gallery, Norwich (2017) and Soft Shoulder at SWG3 Gallery, Glasgow (2016).  Recent group shows include Domestic Observations at Jace Space, LA (2016) and Bit Between Teeth at Sattler and Potszch, Leipzig (2016).